Cell Culture

The promotion and cultivation of microorganisms for diagnostic and therapeutic use has always been a challenge with serum-free and serum-reduced media.  The ever changing nature of biological products adds additional variability which leads to exhaustive screening and bloated inventories.  Boval has developed a line of products designed to reduce the biologically variable nature of albumin to near-synthetic levels that provides the formulators with the assurances of lot to lot consistency.  All the products are produced under strict cGMPs and are thoroughly tested by our scientists.  Additionally, Boval has the in-house capabilities and knowledge to evaluate your media with our albumin to determine growth predictability.  Bring us your problems or new product ideas and let us work with you.  Non-US sources of albumin can be available upon request.

Listed below are some of our more popular formulations:

BSA Products
LY-0087 Low Endotoxin, Tissue Grade
IM-0010 Fatty Acid Free, Cell Culture Grade
IM-0015 Enhanced Microbiological Grade, Lipid Blend 001
IM-0020 Lipid Enhanced Microbiological Grade

HSA Products
IM-0400: Human Serum Albumin Solution, Fatty Acid Free, Lyophilized
IM-0450: Human Serum Albumin Solution, Lipid Enhanced, Lyophilized

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